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Keep refrigerated, do not freeze: Why I blog

Welcome. I know what you are thinking. If you don't know me, you're not thinking much. If however you do know me, you are wondering why on earth I'm blogging. Well, thats quite a complex question, so let’s start with a little story.

A while ago there was this awesome ad on TV. It started with a woman with perfect make-up pretending to be a housewife. She said “Blogging. Blogging? Blogging. Blog-ging. Blogging. Blogging.” After that she said that Mikey set it up for her. Then, in an unexpected turn of events she takes a tub of Flora from the refrigerator. End of commercial.

At the time I didn’t really understand the connection between blogs and a medium fat spread, but I knew I would in good time. I don’t remember much else about that little gem, but I do remember one thing: Whenever the ad ran, pretty much anyone over 40 who were fortunate enough to see this masterpiece, asked me what a blog is. I told them exactly what it is. “A blog is a place where you post your opinion and pretend that someone cares.” I promised myself I would never blog.

Fast forward a few months and here we are. Why? Well, mainly becuase we fast forwarded. But also, I recently figured out that when I talk to, lets say ten people, I end up talking about the same topic to about ten of them. I don’t really like talking about the same thing more than six times, so I needed a solution for the remaining four people.

As you didn't read in the “about me” section, I’m Hendrik van Huyssteen, a session sound engineer studying electronic engineering. Somehow I end up going interesting places and seeing somewhat interesting people. Plus I get my fair share of boring people at engineering.

I read the blogs of countless professional showgoers every day and I never agree with them. But this is a good thing. I hate reading things I agree with. Most of these bloggers see shows from a VIP spectator’s perspective, but I see it from a bit of a different angle. I’m not exactly sure how the angle differs from the VIP spectator one, but believe me, it does. Sometimes I can offer people some insight into the show from my strange perspective. Be it the one of the sound engineer or simply the only sober person, it makes for interesting conversation.

Still there was the problem. I could only enlighten six people at a time. A solution was needed. I thought for seconds on end and suddenly I heard a woman with perfect make-up saying “Blogging. Blogging? Blogging. Blog-ging. Blogging. Blogging!” It turned out that someone was watching an outdated episode of 7de Laan in the living room and thinking its the one from the night before, but anyway. I had my solution.

So here we are. I am voicing my opinion and pretending someone cares. At least now I have a place to send those four people.
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